• Free-range and pesticide-free heritage breeds • Healthier farms producing healthier food
• Know the land, know the animal, know yourself.

Distinctive Varieties: Specialty Small Goods, Cures & Cuts, Nitrate Free Bacon, Beef, Lamb, Pork Venison, and Poultry Pies & Salamis.

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Our Vision

At the Farm Butchery, we care passionately about the region that we live in and wish to see it prosper and remain green and beautiful for our children to live & work in and to raise their children. Our aim is to restore those connections between the green hinterland around our rural towns and cities so that collectively we take care of the farmland which feeds us and provides us with clean, freshwater and space to breath.

We believe that locally grown food should be available for local people, of a quality which is kind to the land and good for our health too, and at a price which is fair to both the producer and consumer. We believe that Fair Trade should begin at home.

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We care about ethics

Animal Health & Welfare

Animal health and welfare is the cornerstone of the farming systems. All farming systems are focused on ensuring top quality soil and pasture with a complete range of nutrients in the feed with careful matching of the animal genetics to the geography of the terrain.

Animals in top form thrive in organic systems.
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Land Health

The soil is home to a vast ecology of bacteria, funguses and invertebrates that represent the largest biomass on the planet and plays a dominant role in our atmosphere and its composition. The farming systems are focused on ensuring an optimal environment for this invisible army to deliver nutrients to the meadows and grasses for the animals to thrive. Restorative farming practice includes getting wetland and waterways protected and functioning within the ecosystem.
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Food Quality

Food quality is the final outcome of all the efforts. Sourced from balanced nutrients, animals in top form and with no pesticides. It is food that is flavoursome, interesting, and fills you up for longer. A solid foundation that you can build on for health and welfare of the family.
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Orders delivered by overnight courier
Minimum order $120 for half lamb
North Island Area
Last Order: Wednesdays Noon
Thursday Delivery

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Wiltshire horn speciality meat sheep

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Amira Beadsmoore

Hi – I bought some of the pet food blocks yesterday and thought it was just chicken and beef mince but there are definitely other things in there…spices?? My dogs LOVE it :) Read more →

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Transforming Business Conference 2013


Time: September 4, 2013 from 8am to 5:30pm Location: Te Papa, Wellington

City/Town: Wellington

Website or Map: http://www.sustainable.org.nz…

Phone: 09 826 5689 Event Type: conference

Organized By: Alex Williams

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El Faro

El Paro is a tappas bar and eatery in the fashionable Elliot stables in the city. Well worth a stop over when in the city before or after the show. Enjoy the heritage varieties of organic meats from The Farm Butchery divinely prepared by Mark for that memorable experience. Read more →